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Change and Adoption for the introduction of your digital workplace

The digital workplace supports your company in becoming more reactive, more adaptable and more efficient. However, the introduction is extensive and affects almost every colleague in your company. It intervenes extensively with the work processes of your employees and radically changes established processes – from the readiness to share knowledge to transparent work or altered communication behaviour.

We view three critical factors for the success of your digital workplace:

1. Toolset:

Perfectly fitting workplace solution to maximize user acceptance

2. Mindset:

Necessary mindset and attitude for working in the new digital life

3. Skillset:

Personal skills required for efficient work with the digital workplace and in the modern working environment

With our Change management …

  • Strategic alignment and vision

  • …we assess the impact of change for all your target groups and consider which measures you need for your success. Here we use measures like Lego® Serious Play®.

  • Holistic communication

  • … we ensure that employees, executives and other key stakeholders are always informed and aware of the upcoming change and the associated opportunities by designing a cross-channel and format-spanning introductory and accompanying communication.

  • Personalized onboarding

  • … we support you in developing the knowledge and skills that your employees need for the new digital workplace. We rely on different formats such as classic training - whether on-site or virtual -, support sessions, e-learning, video nuggets to self-learning formats such as Working out Loud, in order to respond to the individual needs of employees in a personalized way.

  • Sustainable change

  • … we establish a permanent communication and feedback channel by setting up a change community, which ensures the long-term management of changes for the operation of an evergreen (a solution that is constantly updated and improved, such as Office 365) By regularly evaluating the measures, we ensure that the focus is always on the success of your digital workplace.

Qualified experts lead you to a successful change communication

 Microsoft Service Adoption Specialist

  Prosci Change Practitioner

We are certified Microsoft Service Adoption Specialists and Procsi Change Practitioner. Thereby our consultants dispose the necessary experience and know-how to support your business perfectly during the whole change and adaption process with Office 365 or SharePoint.

Securing the sustainable success of your digital workplace with our change and adaption management

With our long-term change management, we support you in the transformation to the mindset and skillset you need for your new digital workplace (toolset). Your employees are optimally prepared for the new digital workplace, know the real added value and can work efficiently with it.

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