Your first steps
into our team

Have you applied for one of our job advertisements or on spec? Now you’re wondering how we proceed? Or you’d like to know what to expect? So that you can feel comfortable when applying to our company, we show you what steps you can expect.

Have you sent your application? Here’s what comes next...

Within a few days

you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from us.

We carefully review your application.

For this we need a bit of time. After 4 weeks at the latest you’ll receive some feedback!

If we like your application

we will invite you for a job interview here in Lichtenau. In exceptional cases we can also have our first meeting via telephone.

If the first interview was positive

we’ll look forward to meeting you again. With a second job interview we can get to know each other even better.

If you’ve got this far

we’ll talk about your employment contract. And you can start at IPI.

You’ve signed your contract? Congratulations, we look forward to having you on board!

To make sure you settle in quickly

and that the first day is as smooth as possible, you’ll get the tour and get to know our team and your working environment.

Induction is important for us!

We’ll introduce you to your tasks so you can soon work independently.

Important components in your induction process

are your personal induction plan, defined milestones and regular feedback. Your colleagues will be there for you as much as your experienced mentor.

In the course of time

you’ll gain lots of professional and project experience. We’ll encourage your continuous further education through internal competence groups, a skills matrix, fixed further education blocks and personal further education time.

Convinced? Then take a look at our job advertisements.