Workflows & forms
Process automation which saves you money

Business processes which are important for the added value chain are running in your company on a daily basis. These regular processes can be carried out simpler, faster and without error if they are automated.

For us, Nintex solutions in the areas of workflows, forms and mobility are the basis for an integrated process platform within the modern digital workplace. For many years, we have been up-to-date with technological developments – as one of the first German Nintex partners and one of the few exclusive prime partners – and know exactly how you can integrate these technologies profitably into your processes.

Your advantages with Workflow & Forms:

  • With the right planning and technology, you can automate simple as well as highly-complex and long-term workflows. And without any knowledge of programming.

  • Optimised business processes save time and costs and also avoid expensive mistakes, which can occur with manual or lengthy self-developed solutions.

  • With the automation of business processes and a simple determination and integration of data, you enable your employees to improve their processes in a structured and simple way.

  • This increases employee satisfaction and avoids frustration through half-baked business processes and “unfinished” intranets that lack the significant step to really reduce the workload.

  • Build the bridge to other systems: Intelligent and good process management can process, integrate and centralise data from different systems in the digital workplace.

Our technologies:

We don’t just consider your business processes, but always put your employees at the centre – after all, they have to use the optimised processes. This is the only way for your company to profit from process automation. We know that complex processes also have to be user-friendly, flexible and, at the same time, have high-performance as well as helping you with strategic concepts and with the technical implementation of process optimisation based on clever workflows, forms and mobile apps.