User experience, an essential factor for success
for your digital workplace

Should your digital workplace save long induction times and costs for expensive user training sessions? Then it’s a requirement that your employees use the solution intuitively and happily. The user experience decides whether and how long a customer stays with an application or whether he leaves it again immediately. Therefore, it’s not just the functionality and design, but also a good user experience which is important for us.

User experience (UX)…

  • ...describes the user experience of a specific application.

  • ...reflects the experience and emotions of a person during and after using the application.

  • an appraising feeling which is created in the interaction.

  • ...can be positive or negative.

Your digital workplace solution should not only be effective and efficient to operate (usability), but also create a noticeable added value for the user (utility). Even highly subjective, emotional factors such as an attractive design (look and feel) and fun when using the application (joy of use) play an important role.

Sounds important? It is!

Good user experience doesn’t normally happen on its own. It’s the result of extensive analyses and the utilisation of methods and processes suitable for your project.

We support you with the user-centred design process and precisely applied methods such as design thinking, prototyping, usability evaluation, AB testing, target group analyses and much more. Together, we reduce risks and smooth the way towards your successful digital workplace.