The intranet as a tool - The control centre
of your internal company communication

Would you like to improve your internal communication? We can help you! Your employees don’t just want to be informed, they also want to be incorporated – you can achieve that by utilising the intranet as a communication tool. It helps to convey the message of the company and enables a dialogue between employees across hierarchies and locations, it interconnects colleagues and provides a space where your employees feel at home – the cornerstone of successful employee communication.

The intranet as a tool…

  • ...serves the targeted conveyance of important company information and therefore contributes to achieving your company targets.

  • ...quickly provides every colleague with important information, but doesn’t inundate them with messages; therefore increasing employee productivity.

  • ...offers your employees a chance to participate directly and encourages dialogue between divisions and departments.

  • ...reflects the individual sides of the company. From company culture and size to orientation and multilingualism through to branding.


A good intranet provides more than just communication. With its personalised homepage, it offers your employees individual access to its different areas via role-based user management – information and communication as well as collaboration and processes.

Let’s talk about it. Together we can realise your successful solution. Perhaps you would also like your employees without a permanent computer workplace to participate in the flow of information? With our mobile apps, we make that possible.

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