Rejuvenation for the next step
in the performance of your digital workplace

Does your intranet or social collaboration solution need to be improved? Would you like to exploit the potential of new working methods or expand your existing digital workplace solution? Or do you just need the non-binding opinion of an independent expert? With our well-trained eye, we quickly detect starting points for further development and optimisation.

Our status quo review...

  • ...uncovers whether your information and navigation architecture are clear or whether bad user habits have crept in.

  • ...shows the level of relevance of the content, how well it has been processed and how effective editors work together.

  • ...detects weak points in usability and untapped potential.

  • ...checks whether target groups are being reached, interact with each other or whether they can be motivated to participate through new interactive forms such as live sessions.

  • ...visualises the first vision and provides you with a roadmap and action plan.

Being one step ahead secures your advantage

In a workshop, we view and evaluate your existing solutions. We evaluate access statistics, question operational processes such as editing or the creation of group spaces and work out measures for optimisation.

Often, even small measures achieve surprising effects. Let’s do this together!