Social collaboration
Your engine for more efficiency

Are your employees and partners scattered all over the world but need collaboration and communication to work smoothly? Meet the challenges of teamwork with an integrated social collaboration solution independent of department, location and country. Promote the exchange of information and knowledge in your company.

Social Collaboration…

  • ...increases work efficiency through the improved reachability of communication partners in scattered teams and direct exchange all in one place.

  • ...supports new forms of employee collaboration and the transformation of basic behaviours.

  • ...invigorates dialogue with your employees and therefore increases their satisfaction.

  • ...strengthens innovation and the transfer of knowledge among staff, accelerates business decisions and contributes to achieving company targets.

The more your employees utilise social collaboration,
the more their work efficiency is increased

A social collaboration solution can be useful in many contexts. Shared work between organisations and a partner can be connected via a work platform. Different companies with joint projects are provided with a work and project platform for better collaboration.

With integrated social business functions, the highest level of interaction and feedback culture can be achieved. Therefore, profiles for identifying experts, communities, wikis, blogs, ratings, tags, badges and activity streams can be utilised. Personalised homepages and an intuitive user interface increase the acceptance of our collaboration solutions.

Is your company very hierarchical? Then, this has an influence on the success of your social collaboration projects. It’s important that the transition reaches your employees and they change their working methods. By accompanying this change, we ensure it happens and that your solution is successful.

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