Konrad Hornschuch AG

About the company

Konrad Hornschuch AG was founded in 1898 and has its headquarters in Weißbach near Heilbronn. It’s the world’s leading manufacturer and marketer of foils, high-tech synthetics and artificial leather with more than 1,000 qualified employees in over 80 locations worldwide. The d-c-fi x® product line includes high-quality foil products which offer everyone the opportunity to create individual interior and living environments with self-adhesive films, borders, table, floor coverings and so on. The skai® brand is first choice amongst Hornschuch partners in the industry. Sophisticated aesthetic synthetic leather materials which exceed real leather in many ways can be found in high-quality cars.

The Project

The merger of the Industry and Consumer divisions at Konrad Hornschuh required the introduction of an enterprise content management system to offer all the users more transparency. In several workshops, the IT and marketing departments of the company designed a company portal together with IPI on the basis of Microsoft Office SharePoint 2007 with the integration of data from the SAP system. Thanks to this solution, all important customer data is now transparently available in the “KIS” customer information system. Additionally, the availability of forms in the company portal means significantly shorter and more efficient workflows.

Quote: Herbert Binus, Head of Information Management, Konrad Hornschuch AG

“The good collaboration in specifying and implementing the requirements between the internal teams of Konrad Hornschuch AG and the external consultants of IPI GmbH significantly influenced the success of the project. Only through this was it possible to successfully implement this comprehensive project and thus create a consistent work platform for all the employees throughout the entire company.”