Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe

About the company

Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe is one of the biggest publishing houses and most important education providers in Germany. It creates and sells educational programmes from school education through to further education throughout the career. The programme profiles of the individual companies within the group are coordinated so that the perfect educational programme can be offered for any learning situation.

The Project

The Franz Cornelsen Education Group launched the "Evolution 2012" project to restructure and improve collaboration and basic processes within the group of companies. For this purpose, adapted and universal tools for communication and cooperation were required. By establishing a cross-group portal on the basis of SharePoint 2010, Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe mastered this challenge together with IPI GmbH and add-all AG. The interlinked portal landscape enables the creation of workspaces for groups and external staff, and optimises the exchange of knowledge by using Entreprise-2.0. technologies.

Klaus Holoch, Head of Communication and PR

“A great advantage of SharePoint lies in the flexibility of the system. We would choose SharePoint again at any time, as non-IT employees can easily configure pages and quickly publish content.”