Bender Group

About the company

Bender Group is an electrical safety specialist operating worldwide and develops, produces and sells numerous products for the monitoring and control of electrical systems. The family-run company with its headquarters in Grünberg, Hesse, employs more than 600 employees in 14 countries. Its products are utilised in a variety of applications such as traffic, infrastructure, logistics, industry, hospital and medical technology, and power generation/distribution.

The Project

Before the start of the project, Bender Group had neither a consistent intranet nor collaboration software. There were paper-based workflows and some isolated solutions, but no stringent document management. Therefore, it was difficult to share information with a larger target group and process it collaboratively. With the newly-introduced employee portal based on SharePoint 2010 and the use of Nintex, paper-based processes could be displayed online and therefore made faster. Process transparency was created for everyone involved, which has increased the productivity of employees. At the same time, the exchange and receipt of knowledge within the company was promoted.

Oliver Böhmer, CIO Bender Group

“We are on the right track to save knowledge in the company long-term, to automate processes and actively include our employees in the definition of these processes – for better collaboration and efficiency.”