Your guide
to a successful digital workplace project

It’s time to think afresh! Would you like to create your vision for the workplace of the future together with us? We’ll accompany you from where you are and lead you to the right solution for you.

Our project vision...

  • a comprehensive performance package of individual performance modules, which describes your future digital workplace in detail and makes your vision tangible.

  • you with a high-level specialist concept suited to the individual maturity of your company as a perfect basis for tenders.

  • a sketch of a solution for your digital workplace to help choose the right technology and convince the management.

An overview of the modules

Use cases and score cards

The first step to the successful concept

We condense the analysis results into use cases and specify score cards according to roles, tasks, requirements and functions. Our experts evaluate the use cases in terms of costs and use. The better the ratio, the higher the prioritisation.

In a workshop, we align analysis results and match the use case prioritisation. In order for your project to remain manageable and make quick success visible, we combine measures into realisation phases.

Choice of technology

The right technology for your use cases

We’ll help you to find the technology which suits your requirements. Through our long years of experience in implementing intranet projects and the continuous evaluation of new technologies, we’re always up-to-date. We know your requirements and what technologies come into question for you.

We evaluate the best software possibilities for your individual use cases and give you our recommendation in a workshop.

Visual concept

Experience your future solution

In order for you and the management to better imagine what to expect, we let your intranet come to life in a visual concept as a sketch and in first layouts.

The goal is a rough concept and the use cases, as well as a model of your creative style. It serves as a basis for discussion for further detailed specifications and roughly visualises the concept, even if the corporate design might not be finished at this point. You can visualise your new platform before a final plan is drawn up.

Project vision and roadmap

Thought-out for orientation and added value

We combine the recognised requirements and framework parameters into a concrete project description. We provide you with information architecture which takes into account the expansion in later realisation phases and integrates third-party systems.

We consider everything which is important for your success: From ability to the initialisation work of editors and community managers through to a communication and activation campaign for the users. We are there for you.

Management briefing

Compelling arguments for your project application

In order for your digital workplace to become a success, you need the management on board. We’ll supply you with the basis for argumentation for convincing your management – with the aid of figures and facts.

Wherever analysis, results of the conception, business value and user effects are not enough, as outsiders we have best practices from similar projects which adds weight to your project application.

Are you curious? We are happy to show you what we can do for you!