Company description

Our competence partner SOLVIN, founded in 1996, is one of the most prestigious project management consulting companies in Germany. Across industries, the company consults customers in the areas of banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and chemical industries, publishing, healthcare and energy. SOLVIN has oriented its core competencies towards the introduction of project servers and models even complex processes with its comprehensive expertise on project servers and project management methods.


Reasons for the partnership

As well as collaboration, internal communication and the modelling of processes and knowledge management, the topic of multi-project management with SharePoint also has great significance. With SOLVIN as our partner, this specialist in Microsoft project servers enables us to offer solutions in that area, too.


What is the service portfolio?

In its latest version for 2016, Microsoft Project Server builds on SharePoint 2016 and offers a professional solution for cross-company multi-project management through the simplification of project and portfolio administration.