Your compass for finding
the right digital path

Are you starting a new project or an initiative connected to the digital workplace, the social intranet, collaboration or the enterprise social network? Does the topic stand alone or is it already a part of a digital agenda which has to be integrated? Then, you surely have many questions –which we will answer in our orientation workshop.

Our orientation workshop...

  • ...shows you different strategies and methods

    on the basis of best practices.

  • ...uncovers where you’re on the right path

    and where you can still activate unused potential and therefore generate business value.

  • ...conveys important expertise and shows you what’s important:

    From project roles, change management, internal project communication, needs assessment possibilities through to other project phases and the choice of technology all the way to usability.

Know where the journey will take you, so you can get there safely

The orientation workshop is a dialogue between one of our experienced IPI experts and a selected circle of your employees. This is important to get to know your company and especially the people behind it. We turn your targets into ours and show you which steps are important for you.

From the very beginning and together with you, we intend to do everything right.

Our technologies: