Precision when assessing your needs
is the basis for hitting the target with your digital workplace

When creating the concept, users and their work have to be the focal point. Do you really know the requirements which turn your employee into a dedicated and motivated user in a digital workplace? Or do you think you know from past experience?

Solid foundations on which your digital workplace stands

A needs assessment is crucial for finding out the requirements of your employees and the problems of their day-to-day work.
Incorporate your employees right from the start and design your digital workplace according to their requirements – this is how you can convey the need for the change to new work processes. You will be surprised how your company can profit on all levels.

Our needs assessment…

  • a comprehensive service package with individual service modules with in-depth analyses, for example to determine your target group and stakeholders.

  • ...discovers the weaknesses of your present solutions and identifies the specific potential of your company.

  • ...considers the values and targets of your company and summarises your individual requirements.

  • ...takes the first step towards the all-important acceptance of the users by getting them involved.

The modules at a glance:



A complete picture of your existing solutions

In a workshop or remote session, we will view and catalogue your existing information systems and strategies. We will find answers to the following questions:

•    Who uses which types of information and systems for what purpose?
•    What are the strengths and weaknesses of your existing systems?
•    Which user preferences do your users have?
•    What are the concepts for your company strategy and values?
•    What is the degree of maturity of your technical infrastructure?
•    Which guidelines does your IT strategy follow?

We will provide you with an extensive catalogue of your sources of information and systems in the context of the digital workplace in order to plan a possible migration, integration or consolidation. We also track, for example, isolated forum systems.

Stakeholder & target group analysis

Tracking interests

Knowing our target group is the basis for a tailor-made concept for your solution. In a workshop, we will determine your stakeholders and target groups as well as the interests and use of your digital workplace for this group of persons. If necessary, we will showcase the characteristics of your most important target groups by using persona profiles.

At the end of this module, you will have a list of your stakeholders. From that, we will work out a communication strategy for the interest group and integrate this, for example, into the project team or we will determine pilot users. With the communication and activation plan, you will be perfectly prepared for the next steps. This spreads your risk and also provides visibility within your company.


A neutral viewpoint for understanding your employees

We will conduct interviews with a select group of people on the basis of existing framework parameters and target groups. The interview guidelines are individually adapted to your requirements and enable the evaluation of the tools determined in the stocktaking as well as discovering needs and pain points of your employees.

Furthermore, we identify inefficient information processes, information requirements and engage in active project marketing. You will discover that the interview participants are motivated and usually also willing to take on further project tasks.

In our needs assessment, we simply and flexibly adapt the processes to your requirements.