Mobile Apps
The innovators who help you reach all your employees

Employees without a permanent PC workplace aren’t the exception anymore, and in many companies they represent the majority of staff. This target group is difficult to reach for IC and HR. With mobile apps, you can open a new channel for your internal communication and address employees via private or business devices.

Employee apps…

  • ...enable a simple dialogue between top management, middle management and the operative level.

  • ...lead to transparency and speed when transmitting information within the company.

  • ...increase the satisfaction and loyalty of employees, as everyone can contribute with ideas and remarks.

  • ...offer strong opportunities for analysis in comparison to employee magazines or notice boards.

  • ...let employees actively participate in what’s going on from any location and therefore increase productivity.

Our technologies:

An employee app which provides information for your entire company enables communication and collaboration and helps simplify processes – anything is possible. Depending on your individual requirements and needs, we clarify which applications and contents should be covered by the mobile apps.

Often, mobile requirements can be mapped “out of the box” together with the manufacturers in our portfolio. Where these solutions might face limitations, we utilise the Xamarin framework or develop the suitable native IOS.

Tailored to your application, we’ll offer you the perfect solution. From the idea through to the implementation, we support you with holistic expertise from one source.