The compass to your
own digital pathway

You’re about to start a new project or initiative on the subject of digital workplaces, social intranets, collaboration or enterprise social networks? You’ve got a standalone topic or one that is already part of a digital agenda into which it has to be integrated? Then you surely have a lot of questions – to which we will find the right answers with our Digital Workplace Starter Kit.

Concerted action within the Digital Workplace Starter Kit

Digital Workplace Starter Kit-en

  • Orientation day

    Get to know Microsoft 365, including case studies and examples from other companies, assessing the current situation and determining values for your company

  • Target audience & stakeholders

    Analysis of target groups, their work context and identification of use cases

  • Conceptual & focus group workshops

    Rethink use cases within the Microsoft 365 toolkit

  • Target image & roadmap

    Design of the future digital workplace with Microsoft 365 (e.g. higher-level information architecture, entry pages, services used such as Teams, Yammer, SharePoint, Governance, ...) and recommendation of a roadmap for the introduction

  • Optional: visualization/prototyping

    Allocation of resources for a visualization/prototyping of the new digital workplace, including an overview of the planned vision and the scheduled course of events for internal presentations/marketing purposes

  • Optional: management briefing

    Presentation of the project to the management team

Know where the journey is going, in order to get to your destination safely

The Digital Workplace Starter Kit is a dialogue between one of our experienced IPI experts and a selected group of your employees.

During orientation day, we will introduce you to the possibilites that Microsoft 365 offers. In addition to a target group and stakeholder analysis, we also offer conceptual and focus group workshops with clear practical examples as part of the Starter Kit. As a result, we jointly create a target image of your digital workplace and a roadmap for its introduction.

Together, we want to do everything right from the start.