With our communication services
we’ll give your internal communication a helping hand

A successful digital workplace project requires good internal communication – before, during and after the re-launch. We will assist you with strategic, content-related and operative tasks on an individual basis. Profit from the best practice experience of our experts and let creativity and motivation carry you and your colleagues away.

Our communication services:

  • Editorial work

    What kind of editorial structure suits your company? Which kind of texts go down well with your readers and how does the content need to be enhanced? We’ll help you build the necessary expertise in your company and ensure that your editors are familiar with the system and know the processes. Where necessary, we can support you with writing and editing all the way through to content migration.

  • Video & moving images

    Whether training film or a video to accompany a launch – this enables modern, emotional and clear internal communication. Within a short time, you’ll be able to transmit complex messages or create a personal connection for colleagues located all over the world. We’ll create your story board, assist you with content selection and planning of the media mix and support you with video production through partners.

  • Community management

    Have the tasks, responsibilities and processes in community management not been defined yet? Would you like to train your community managers? Or would you like to save time and rely on the remote administration of your community? We’ll teach you valuable best practices and lend a hand.

  • Rollout communication

    What measures for the marketing mix are sensible in connection with the introduction of the digital workplace? How can you inspire your employees? When should you start with rollout communication? How do you create a roadmap? We’ll pass on our experience from numerous customer projects and ensure that your target group is covered and your employees are on board by implementing targeted measures.

  • Communication planning

    In your communication planning, we will ensure that you manage your messages properly and use the instruments which really address your target group. From identifying and determining topics to the selection and mix of tools, media planning, communication of benefits through to target group-oriented message planning to change management, we will take on a multitude of tasks for you.

  • Use of images & imagery

    The digital workplace is an important factor in establishing and maintaining a feeling of solidarity and identification with the company. Consistent imagery is extremely important in this. We safeguard your corporate design and relieve your intranet managers of different tasks: e.g. we develop imagery together with you, create mood boards, plan cross-media use of images, set regulations, prepare training sessions, build up an image pool, and much more.

  • Agency support

    The exchange of expertise amongst staff members responsible for internal as well as external communication ensures a consistent overall concept. We are happy to take on the agency support as well, collaborate with your lead agency, coordinate guidelines and on-boarding for a comprehensive flow of information.

  • Project support

    Trust the experience of hundreds of customer projects and be assured of user acceptance. We’ll teach you important project implementation expertise and support your project management from project planning to the creation of a road map and the needs assessment through to the setting of objectives, project monitoring and controlling as well as the channelling of user feedback and change management.

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