The right strategy that gets you to the top
– no matter where you’re standing today

The digital workplace serves as the central user interface between the digital and analogue world, a vital component in the digital transformation. It supports the necessary cultural transformation, interconnects employees, promotes the efficient exchange of knowledge and drives innovation. In a word: it’s the key to what’s described as “new work”.

That’s exactly our approach. Depending on how far your company has already come, we will lead you step by step to the digital workplace that fits you – where you can establish the necessary new work processes and secure your future competitiveness.

First a close look, then a clear concept

Would you like to utilise a new digital workplace solution for the future? We will analyse collaboration within your company and develop a concept.

During the analysis phase, we will offer you an orientation workshop to find the right approach fast, provide you with important project implementation expertise and security for the start of your project.

The needs assessment will determine your actual requirements and, through the orientation towards your employees, is the first step to high user acceptance.

After the analysis, it’s time to think in a new way! In the target vision, the vision of your future solution will become tangible. This also simplifies choosing the right technology and briefing of the management.

Experience the perfectly planned digital workplace

You’ve got your concept – you’re implementing your digital workplace and want to ensure success? Our strategic support during the implementation and introduction of your project ensures acceptance in your company.

We support all the project phases and evaluate the milestones reached – always with your targets in the back of our mind. We also closely monitor whether usability and user-experience guidelines have been fulfilled. We look at everything from the user’s viewpoint. Ultimately, usability for your employees is the linchpin for the success of your solution.

While all this is going on, we never lose sight of the necessary transformation in your company and support you from the point of change management.

Measuring success and staying on course

Would you like to check whether your digital workplace is making full use of its potential and also find out how it could be fine-tuned in good time?

Our regular benefit and success monitoring determines unused potential and enables fast adaptation. Should a course correction become necessary, we will support you with internal marketing measures or professional facilitation during community management.

We offer training sessions for both the management and staff of your company in the form of specialist presentations, workshops, seminars or webinars to expand their knowledge of modern work processes.

Fulfilling potential – having the edge

Are you looking for independent feedback for your current project? Are you unsatisfied with your intranet or collaboration platform? Or would you like to change the work processes in your company and support your employees in the digital transformation? In our status quo review, we check whether your current solutions live up to your requirements and plan measures for improving them until you can develop your digital workplace.